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Matrix Lubricants Polska (MLP) was founded in 2012. It is the exclusive distributor in Poland of the industrial lubricant brand “Matrix Specialty Lubricants”.

MLP offers “high quality for affordable prices” and “value for money”. We provide the right lubricant for any application.

MLP customers are close partners; communication lines are short and direct. MLP Oils does not only sell lubricants, but also consults customers. Our staff supports with financial advises (price optimization, rationalization of lubrication intervals, business opportunities) and technical advises (such as product selection, problem solving, used oil analyses).

MLP values are: quality, high tech, client oriented and “do as promised”.

Customer Profile

MLP has a wide range of industrial customers (metal, automotive, food and beverage, textile, cooling technology) and in the automobile branch (personal cars, trucks, agricultural and construction machines). In these branches we supply directly to the end customer, but also to service companies and OEM’s.

Matrix Lubricants Polska sp. zo.o.

ul. Marcelego Nenckiego 136a
52-213 Wroclaw
+48 71 368 70 50

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